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"BotCircuits: Empower Your Business with Human-like Virtual Agents"

Are you ready to take your business to the next level with cutting-edge AI technology? Look no further than BotCircuits, the revolutionary tool that enables businesses to create human-like virtual agents.

With BotCircuits, you can build intelligent chatbots that answer customer questions, provide support, engage with users, and much more. Say goodbye to mundane customer interactions and hello to seamless, conversational experiences.

But what sets BotCircuits apart from other AI tools? Let’s dive into its features and discover how they can benefit your business.

Features of BotCircuits:

1. Prompt-based instructions:

BotCircuits allows you to provide initial instructions that prompt your virtual agent to handle the conversation flow. This feature ensures that your chatbot understands the context of the interaction and can provide accurate and relevant responses.

Whether it’s guiding customers through a purchasing process or troubleshooting common issues, prompt-based instructions make the conversation smooth and effortless.

2. Connect Enterprise Data through Actions:

With BotCircuits, you can seamlessly connect your enterprise data through various actions such as functions, APIs, and document search. This feature enables your virtual agent to access and retrieve relevant information from your databases or external sources.

Whether it’s fetching product details, retrieving customer information, or pulling up helpful resources, connecting enterprise data enhances the capabilities of your chatbot.

3. Publish to Multiple Channels:

Expand your reach and engage with customers on their preferred platforms by publishing your virtual agent across multiple channels. Whether it’s web, WhatsApp, Messenger, or more, BotCircuits provides the flexibility to connect with your audience wherever they are.

This feature ensures that your chatbot is easily accessible and available for seamless interactions, resulting in enhanced customer engagement and satisfaction.

4. Enterprise-ready subscriptions:

BotCircuits offers enterprise-ready subscriptions that cater to businesses of all sizes. From startups to established companies, you can choose the pricing plan that suits your needs.

With flat pricing and no management fees, you can unleash the full power of the platform and experience the ultimate solution for building conversational apps at scale.

BotCircuits Pricing Models and Plans:

If you’re wondering about the pricing options for BotCircuits, you’ll be pleased to know that they offer different plans to cater to various business requirements:

Starter: This plan is perfect for those who want to get started with building conversational apps.

It offers a 7-day free trial and includes access to all features. With the Starter plan, you can create one conversational app and explore the full potential of BotCircuits for free.

Lite: Ideal for startups, e-commerce stores, social media profiles, and online creators, the Lite plan provides unlimited conversational apps and 1000 messages. For additional messages, it costs $0.01 per message.

This plan allows you to connect with your customers through messaging channels and provides an affordable solution for businesses looking to enhance their customer support and engagement.

Enterprise: For companies with high message volumes and specific integration requirements, the Enterprise plan offers custom integration, API access, dedicated support, and 24/7 customer support. This plan is tailored for businesses that require strategic consultation and role-based access control.

Contact the BotCircuits sales team to discuss your specific needs and get a personalized plan that meets your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I use BotCircuits for my e-commerce store?

Absolutely! BotCircuits is perfect for e-commerce stores.

You can create a virtual agent that handles customer inquiries, provides product recommendations, assists with the checkout process, and more. Enhance your customer experience and boost your sales with a chatbot powered by BotCircuits.

2. Is BotCircuits suitable for large businesses with complex data systems?

Yes, BotCircuits is designed to seamlessly connect enterprise data through various actions and integrations. Whether you have complex data systems, APIs, or document repositories, BotCircuits can handle it all.

You can build intelligent chatbots that access and retrieve information from your databases to provide accurate and personalized responses to your customers.

3. Can I publish my virtual agent on multiple platforms?

Definitely! BotCircuits allows you to publish your virtual agent on multiple channels, including the web, WhatsApp, Messenger, and more.

This ensures that you can reach your customers on their preferred platforms and provide a seamless conversational experience, no matter where they are.


BotCircuits is the ultimate AI tool for businesses looking to enhance customer interactions and provide human-like virtual agents. With its prompt-based instructions, seamless data integration, multi-channel publishing, and flexible pricing plans, BotCircuits empowers businesses to create conversational apps that enrich customer experiences.

Experience the future of app interaction with BotCircuits today and take your business to new heights.


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