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Cohere is a technology that streamlines help desk operations by providing accurate responses to customers. Its advanced features make it an ideal solution for businesses of all sizes.
Cohere - Advanced AI Bot Training Tool
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Are you tired of spending countless hours resolving customer support tickets? Do you want to reduce costs while ensuring your customers and agents are satisfied?

Look no further than Cohere Assist for Chrome, a powerful AI tool designed to scale support without scaling headcount. With Cohere, customer experience (CX) teams can resolve tickets faster, provide personalized answers, and anticipate customer trends.

Let’s dive into the features and benefits of this innovative tool.

Features of Cohere:

1. Automation for fast-growing customer service teams

Cohere enables customer service teams to automatically resolve up to 60% of tickets, saving valuable time and resources. With its AI-powered capabilities, Cohere provides instant and personalized answers to customers across any channel, going beyond simple keyword matching.

This feature ensures that customers receive accurate solutions, not just generic responses.

2. Provide solutions, not just answers

Cohere takes customer support to the next level by guiding users through resolutions step-by-step and even performing actions on their behalf. This feature not only helps customers find answers to their problems but also assists them in solving complex issues.

It empowers agents to provide comprehensive support and improves customer satisfaction.

3. Get started with your existing support resources

Cohere seamlessly integrates with your existing support resources, turning support articles and past conversations into personalized answers and accurate resolutions in just a single click. This allows your team to leverage the knowledge they already have and provide efficient support without the need for extensive training or additional resources.

4. Understand and anticipate customer trends

With Cardina’s advanced analytics, Cohere helps you identify potential issues and content gaps. By analyzing customer trends, you can proactively resolve problems and improve your support offerings.

This feature ensures that your CX team stays ahead of the curve and provides exceptional service to your customers.

Cohere Pricing Models and Plans

Unfortunately, no information about pricing models was mentioned in the provided content. Please refer to the official Cohere website for detailed pricing information.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How does Cohere ensure that customers receive accurate answers?

Cohere leverages the latest advances in large language models to extract knowledge and provide accurate answers. By understanding language, not just keywords, Cohere ensures that customers receive precise solutions to their queries.

2. Can Cohere automate responses based on previous tickets?

Absolutely! Cohere uses generative AI to extract answers from agent responses (after human approval).

This allows Cohere to automatically reply whenever the same question is asked again. Over time, this automation becomes smarter and more efficient, saving valuable time for your CX team.

3. How can Cohere benefit fast-growing customer service teams?

Cohere is specifically designed for fast-growing customer service teams. By automating ticket resolution and providing personalized answers, Cohere helps these teams handle a higher volume of inquiries without the need to scale their headcount.

This results in improved efficiency, reduced costs, and happier agents and customers.


Cohere Assist for Chrome is a game-changer for CX teams. With its powerful automation capabilities, personalized solutions, and advanced analytics, Cohere empowers teams to resolve tickets faster, reduce costs, and deliver exceptional customer support.

Say goodbye to repetitive tasks and hello to a more efficient and satisfying customer support experience with Cohere. Get started today and experience the benefits firsthand.


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