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Are you tired of struggling to write the perfect cover letter? Do you want to make a lasting impression on potential employers?

Look no further than the coverletter app by RelayForms. This powerful tool utilizes the latest AI technology to help you create impactful cover letters that are tailored to each job application.

With real-life examples and professional templates, you can easily showcase your skills and increase your chances of getting hired. Say goodbye to generic cover letters and hello to personalized, professional ones.

Try the coverletter app for free today and take your job search to the next level!

Features of

1. Personalized Time-Savers

With the coverletter app, you can get ahead of the competition with AI-generated cover letters that are personalized for each job application. The advanced AI technology takes into account the specific requirements of the role and company, as well as your own profile and experience.

This ensures that your cover letter is tailored to the job and highlights your unique skills and qualifications. Save time and effort by letting the AI do the work for you.

2. Professional Style

Your cover letter plays a crucial role in making a good impression on employers. That’s why the coverletter app ensures that your AI-generated cover letters are written in a clear and concise style that is appropriate for a professional job application.

The language and formatting are carefully crafted to showcase your professionalism and attention to detail. Stand out from the crowd with a cover letter that exudes professionalism.

3. Customizable Touch

While the coverletter app generates AI-powered cover letters, it also gives you the flexibility to add your own personal touch. You can easily customize your cover letter to reflect your unique personality and make it truly stand out.

Add a personal anecdote, highlight specific achievements, or tailor the tone to match the company culture. The coverletter app provides you with the best of both worlds – AI-generated efficiency and personalization.

4. Time-Saving Efficiency

Gone are the days of spending hours crafting individual cover letters for each job application. With the coverletter app, you can quickly and easily create high-quality cover letters for multiple job applications.

The AI-generated cover letters are generated in minutes, saving you valuable time and effort. Focus on perfecting your resume and preparing for interviews, while the coverletter app takes care of the cover letter. Pricing Models and Plans:

Standard Plan

The Standard Plan offers great value for those who need to create a few cover letters. With this plan, you can generate up to 5 cover letters, edit and revise them as needed, and enjoy quick AI edits with a single click.

It’s perfect for job seekers who are actively applying for a limited number of positions.

Premium Plan

For job seekers who require more cover letters, the Premium Plan is the ideal choice. With this plan, you can generate up to 10 cover letters and take advantage of additional benefits, such as 10 regenerations per cover letter and even better output with the latest and improved AI model.

It’s perfect for those who are applying for a variety of positions or exploring different career opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How is this different from ChatGPT?

While ChatGPT is a powerful language model that can generate conversational responses, the coverletter app is specifically designed to generate professional cover letters. It takes into account the requirements of the job and company, tailors the content to match your profile and experience, and ensures a clear and concise writing style that is appropriate for a job application.

It’s like having a personal cover letter writing assistant.

2. In what format will I receive the cover letter?

The coverletter app provides you with the generated cover letter in a downloadable format, such as PDF or Word document. You can easily save it to your device and use it for your job application.

3. What formats do you support for my resume/CV?

The coverletter app supports a variety of formats for your resume or CV, including PDF, Word document, and plain text. Simply upload your resume in the format that is most convenient for you.

4. What is the free trial?

The free trial allows you to try out the coverletter app and generate your first cover letter for free. It’s a great way to experience the power of AI-generated cover letters and see how they can enhance your job search.

5. Where is my data stored?

Your data is securely stored on the coverletter app’s servers. The app takes privacy and security seriously, ensuring that your information is protected and only used for generating your cover letters.


The coverletter app by RelayForms is a game-changer for job seekers. With its advanced AI technology, personalized time-savers, professional style, and customizable touch, you can create high-quality cover letters that make a lasting impression on employers.

Whether you’re applying for a software engineering position, an accounting role, or a nursing job, the coverletter app has got you covered. Say goodbye to generic cover letters and hello to personalized, professional ones.

Try the coverletter app for free today and take your job search to the next level!


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