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An image of a computer screen displaying the Flying Dog AI for Photoshop plugin. The interface shows various tools and features, including Text-to-Image, Inpainting, Outpainting, and Image-to-Image modifiers.
Flying Dog AI for Photoshop: Versatile AI Plugin
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Are you a Photoshop user looking to take your editing workflow to the next level? Look no further than flying dog AI Studio.

This revolutionary AI-powered tool will transform the way you work, making your editing process faster and more efficient than ever before. With its powerful AI connectors and a range of features designed specifically for designers, flying dog AI Studio is a game-changer in the world of Photoshop editing.

So, what sets flying dog AI Studio apart from other editing tools? Let’s dive into its features to find out.

Features of Flying Dog:

1. Gyre: The Ultimate Stable Diffusion Experience

Gyre is the go-to AI connector for Stable Diffusion. With its advanced Outpainting capabilities, it allows you to enlarge and modify images effortlessly.

Whether you need to create more artistic illustrations or make specific corrections, Gyre has got you covered. Its CLIP Guidance feature ensures accurate results, making it the best overall Stable Diffusion experience available.

Plus, it offers seamless integration with Photoshop, allowing you to leverage the full power of layers, grouping, and selection.

2. DALL-E 2: High-Resolution Image Generation

DALL-E 2 takes image generation to the next level. This cloud-based AI connector offers the highest resolution and superior image quality.

Using text-to-image conversion, you can bring your ideas to life with stunning visuals. Mac users will rejoice as DALL-E 2 is compatible with their systems.

Say goodbye to limitations and unleash your creativity with DALL-E 2.

3. Automatic1111: The Versatile Community Server

If you’re looking for a server with a wide range of applications, Automatic1111 is the answer. With its special features like HiResFix, Tiling, and Face restoration, it offers unique capabilities for image generation using text-to-image AI.

While its Outpainting quality may not be on par with Gyre, it still delivers excellent results. The plugin’s support for multiple connectors means you can use both Gyre and Automatic1111 to expand your creative possibilities.

4. StabilityAI Cloud: The Reliable Fall-Back Option

When all else fails, StabilityAI Cloud comes to the rescue. This cloud-based solution ensures that you can continue working even when other options are unavailable.

While it may not match the quality of other connectors, its stability and reliability make it a valuable addition to your editing toolkit. Keep an eye on StabilityAI as future improvements are expected to enhance its performance.

These four features of flying dog AI Studio revolutionize the way Photoshop users approach image editing. From Stable Diffusion to image generation and seamless integration, flying dog AI Studio has it all.

Flying Dog Pricing Models and Plans

Pricing information for flying dog AI Studio is not available in the provided content. Please refer to the official website or contact flying dog software for detailed pricing information.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I use flying dog AI Studio without having my own server?

Yes, you can use DALL-E 2 or a Dreamstudio account as alternatives to running your own server. However, please note that the cloud version of StabilityAI does not offer the same features as the local server installation.

Stay tuned for instructions on setting up your own server in the cloud, coming soon.

2. What is the image quality like with Automatic1111?

Automatic1111 offers unique features for text-to-image generation, but its Outpainting quality may not be as good as Gyre. However, it excels in other areas such as HiRes Fix, Tiling, and Face Restoration.

We recommend using Gyre as your primary server and considering Automatic1111 as an additional option for specific requirements.

3. Where do I report bugs or make feature requests?

If you encounter any issues with the plugin itself, you can reach out to flying dog software’s Discord community or contact their support via email at For Automatic1111, please note that installation support is not provided.

However, you can still seek community support on their Discord server.


flying dog AI Studio is a game-changing tool for Photoshop users. With its powerful AI connectors, including Gyre, DALL-E 2, Automatic1111, and StabilityAI Cloud, it brings a new level of efficiency and creativity to your editing workflow.

Whether you’re a beginner or an AI expert, flying dog AI Studio is sure to elevate your editing experience. Embrace the future of image editing with flying dog AI Studio.


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