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Simplify Complex Formulas with Formula Generator

Are you tired of spending hours trying to figure out complex formulas and code for your spreadsheets? Do you wish there was an easier way to generate Excel formulas, VBA automations, and even SQL queries?

Look no further than FormulaGenerator, the powerful AI toolkit powered by fine-tuned GPT models. With FormulaGenerator, you can quickly and effortlessly create complex formulas, debug your code, and get step-by-step answers to your spreadsheet questions.

Whether you’re a business professional, data analyst, or programmer, FormulaGenerator is the ultimate solution to all your spreadsheet problems.

Features of Formula Generator:

1. Generate Complex Formulas with Ease

FormulaGenerator’s intuitive interface allows you to effortlessly generate Excel formulas by simply entering text instructions. Whether you need to split text in a cell, perform calculations, or manipulate data, FormulaGenerator will automatically generate the formula for you.

Say goodbye to the tedious process of manually writing formulas and let FormulaGenerator do the heavy lifting for you.

2. Quickly Fix Errors and Get Formula Explanations

Ever spent hours trying to debug a formula or a block of code without any success? With FormulaGenerator’s Error Spotter feature, you can easily identify and fix errors in your formulas and code for Excel, Google Sheets, and even SQL commands.

Additionally, if you’re unsure about the meaning or usage of a formula, FormulaGenerator’s Explain Formula feature provides easy-to-understand explanations. Simply enter the formula as input and get a clear explanation in no time.

3. Generate VBA, SQL, and Appscript Code

FormulaGenerator goes beyond just generating Excel formulas. With the Generate Code feature, you can choose between Excel and Google Sheets to generate VBA, SQL, and Appscript code.

Whether you’re automating tasks, querying databases, or developing custom applications, FormulaGenerator has you covered. Say goodbye to manual coding and let FormulaGenerator generate the perfect code for your needs.

4. Get Instant Answers with Answer Bot

Searching for answers to your spreadsheet questions can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. With FormulaGenerator’s Answer Bot, powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT, you can get quick and accurate step-by-step answers to your queries.

Whether you need to create a chart in Excel, work with pivot tables, or perform specific actions in Google Sheets, FormulaGenerator’s Answer Bot has got you covered. Say goodbye to endless web searches and get instant answers right within FormulaGenerator.

Formula Generator Pricing Models and Plans:

Unfortunately, there is no information available about the pricing models and plans for FormulaGenerator. Please reach out to the FormulaGenerator team for more details on their pricing structure.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can FormulaGenerator be used with both Excel and Google Sheets?

Yes, FormulaGenerator supports both Excel and Google Sheets. You can generate formulas, code, and get answers for both platforms.

2. Is FormulaGenerator suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! FormulaGenerator’s intuitive interface and automated features make it a great tool for beginners.

You don’t need to have advanced programming or spreadsheet skills to benefit from FormulaGenerator.

3. Can FormulaGenerator generate code for custom applications?

Yes, FormulaGenerator’s Generate Code feature allows you to generate code for custom applications. Whether you’re developing VBA macros, SQL queries, or Appscript code, FormulaGenerator can generate the code you need.


In conclusion, FormulaGenerator is a game-changer for anyone who works with spreadsheets. It simplifies the process of generating complex formulas, debugging code, and getting quick answers to your spreadsheet questions.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced professional, FormulaGenerator’s powerful AI toolkit is here to make your spreadsheet tasks easier and more efficient. Say goodbye to manual formula writing and coding, and say hello to FormulaGenerator.


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