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FormWise.AI - The Ultimate AI Tool for Custom GPT Apps
Paid plans start from $29/mo.
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Are you looking for a powerful AI tool that can help you build unique and monetizable tools for any use case? Look no further than FormWise.AI!

With this innovative platform, you can turn your favorite ChatGPT prompts and conversations into customizable tools that can be embedded anywhere. Whether you’re a marketer, AI enthusiast, or entrepreneur, FormWise.

AI has the features and flexibility to meet your needs. Let’s explore the features and benefits of this exciting tool!

Features of FormWise.AI:

Add Your Own Data Sources To Enhance Your Tools

One of the standout features of FormWise. AI is the ability to add your own data sources to enhance your tools.

By integrating your own information, such as PDFs, CSV, and TXT files, you can provide richer and more accurate responses. This means that your AI tools will have the context they need to deliver personalized and relevant results.

Whether you’re creating lead gen forms, marketing campaigns, or fitness plans, the ability to incorporate your own data sets FormWise. AI apart from the competition.

Create Individual Generative AI Tools

With FormWise.AI, you have the power to build individual generative AI tools that can be embedded anywhere. This means that you can create tools tailored to specific use cases, such as dynamic lead magnets, email scripts generators, real estate ads copy tools, and fitness advisor tools.

The possibilities are truly endless. By harnessing the capabilities of ChatGPT prompts, you can automate workflows, deliver powerful AI solutions, and enhance the user experience.

Resell & White Label AI Widgets or Tools

If you’re looking to monetize your AI creations, FormWise. AI has got you covered.

You can resell and white label any AI widgets or tools that you make, allowing you to build a profitable business around your AI expertise. Whether you’re working with clients or internal use, FormWise.

AI makes it easy to create client-specific tools that can be embedded on their websites. This opens up a world of opportunities for AI-powered customer service, lead generation, and more.

Trainable AI Models for Robust Unique Tools

FormWise. AI goes beyond pre-built models by offering trainable AI models.

This means that you can upload your own information into the platform, giving context to large language models and enabling them to provide even more accurate responses. Whether you’re working with PDFs, CSV, or TXT files, FormWise.

AI can reference your data in a prompt, allowing you to create robust and unique tools. This level of customization sets FormWise.

AI apart and ensures that your AI tools are tailored to your specific needs.

FormWise.AI Pricing Models and Plans:

FormWise. AI offers three different pricing plans to suit your needs:

Lite Plan – $9 USD/Month

The Lite plan is perfect for those who want to experiment and unleash their creativity. For just $9 per month, you’ll have access to unlimited tools, forms, and widgets.

You can embed your tools anywhere, customize URL redirects, and enjoy GPT-3.5 Turbo Access.

With the Lite plan, you’ll have everything you need to start creating AI-powered tools without breaking the bank.

Creator Plan – $29 USD/Month

The Creator plan is designed for those who need more responses and additional features. For $29 per month, you’ll get everything included in the Lite plan, plus 1,500 AI responses, no FormWise branding, webhook and API integrations, and access to GPT-3 DaVinci.

This plan is perfect for marketers, sales teams, and creators who want to take their AI tools to the next level.

Pro Plan – $99 USD/Month

The Pro plan is the ultimate package for those who want to maximize AI responses and generations. For $99 per month, you’ll receive unlimited responses, OpenAI API key required, two collaborator accounts, team workspaces, prompt chaining workflows, and access to GPT-4.

This plan is ideal for businesses and individuals who require high-volume AI solutions and want to integrate AI into their marketing and sales stack.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need an OpenAI API key?

No, you don’t need an OpenAI API key for the Lite or Creator plans. However, if you choose the Pro plan, an OpenAI API key is required to access the advanced features and unlimited responses.

Can I customize my prompt?

Yes, you have full control over customizing your prompt. FormWise.

AI provides a prompt builder and access to OpenAI playground tool settings, allowing you to tailor your AI tools to your specific needs.

Can I embed my forms and generators anywhere?

Absolutely! FormWise.

AI allows you to embed your forms and generators anywhere you like, just like embedding a YouTube video. This gives you the flexibility to integrate your AI tools seamlessly into your website or other platforms.


In conclusion, FormWise. AI is a game-changing AI tool that empowers marketers, AI enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs to build unique and monetizable tools.

With features like customizable prompts, the ability to add your own data sources, and trainable AI models, FormWise. AI offers unparalleled flexibility and customization.

Whether you’re looking to automate workflows, create personalized lead magnets, or build AI-powered customer service tools, FormWise. AI has you covered.

Try it out today and unlock the full potential of AI!


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