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Hire Hoc - AI-Powered Hiring Tool for Streamlined Recruiting

The AI Powered Hiring Tool🚀 Boost your Recruiting Efforts with AI-Assisted Tools

Looking to take your organization to the next level? Say hello to AI-assisted recruiting. With our platform, you’ll have access to powerful tools that streamline the process, saving you time and effort. Here are some key features:

1. AI Project Advisor:

Transform your recruiting workflow with the AI Project Advisor. This feature automatically identifies the skills required to build a project by reading project descriptions. It simplifies the process of identifying the skills needed to complete a project, saving time and effort. By accurately extracting the technical skills, you can ensure you’re hiring the right candidates with the necessary expertise.

2. Interview Questions Generator:

Say goodbye to generic interview questions. The AI-based Interview Questions Generator helps you create customized interview questions based on job titles, skills, experience level, and region. This ensures that you ask the right questions tailored to each job interview, improving the quality of your hiring process.

3. Job Description Generator:

Creating job descriptions can be time-consuming and challenging. With the AI-powered Job Description Generator, you can quickly and easily generate accurate job descriptions using job titles, skills, experience level, and region. This saves you valuable time and ensures that your job descriptions are tailored to attract the right candidates.

4. Project Organizer:

Stay organized and on top of your job descriptions, interview questions, and more with the Project Organizer. This tool helps you streamline your recruitment process by keeping all your project-related information in one place. Easily access and manage your job descriptions, interview questions, and other project details, improving overall efficiency.

These features revolutionize the way you hire, allowing you to leverage the power of AI to streamline your recruitment process, improve the quality of hire, and reduce costs associated with hiring.

Hire Hoc Pricing Models and Plans:

Hire Hoc offers three pricing plans to cater to different business needs:

1. Starter ($5/month):

This plan is perfect for starting a new business. It includes 20 job descriptions, 300 interview questions, 20 project advice, 24/7 email support, and the flexibility to cancel anytime.

2. Plus ($19/month):

Designed for a growing business, the Plus plan offers 150 job descriptions, 2000 interview questions, 50 project advice, priority email support, early access to new features, and the flexibility to cancel or downgrade anytime. It also includes a free trial of the AI Resume Matcher, coming soon.

3. Contact Sales:

For advanced customization and scaling your business, Hire Hoc offers a Contact Sales plan. This plan includes integration with your ATS, API integration, custom features, and personalized support. To learn more about this plan, you can contact sales at sales@hirehoc.com.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is there a free trial available?
A: Yes, Hire Hoc offers a 1-month free trial with no credit card required. You can sign up for the free trial and experience the power of AI-assisted recruiting.
Q: Can I cancel my subscription anytime?
A: Yes, both the Starter and Plus plans offer the flexibility to cancel anytime. Simply contact Hire Hoc support to cancel your subscription.
Q: Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan?
A: Yes, you can easily upgrade or downgrade your plan based on your business needs. Hire Hoc provides the flexibility to switch between plans.


Hire Hoc is a game-changer in the recruiting industry, offering AI-powered tools that streamline the hiring process. With features like the AI Project Advisor, Interview Questions Generator, Job Description Generator, and Project Organizer, you can automate and optimize your recruiting workflow. Whether you’re a new business or a growing organization, Hire Hoc has pricing plans tailored to your needs. Experience the power of AI-assisted recruiting and sign up for a free trial today.


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