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"An illustration of Loopin, the AI-powered meeting assistant, providing automated meeting summaries and contextual intelligence."
"Loopin: The Ultimate AI Meeting Assistant"

Are you tired of endless, unproductive meetings that seem to go on forever? Do you struggle to keep track of important details and action items from those meetings?

Look no further than Loopin, the AI meeting assistant designed specifically for customer-facing teams. With Loopin, you can say goodbye to the hassle of meetings and hello to concise meeting summaries, automated recaps, and a conversational assistant that will revolutionize the way you collaborate and communicate.

Loopin is here to simplify your meeting experience and help you make the most out of every conversation. Whether you’re a project manager, sales representative, or team lead, Loopin has features that will benefit you and your team.

Let’s dive into some of the key features of this powerful tool:

Features of Loopin:

Automated Meeting Summary:

Loopin utilizes state-of-the-art AI technology to transcribe meeting recordings and generate meeting minutes automatically. Say goodbye to the tedious task of taking notes during meetings.

With Loopin, you can focus on the conversation and never worry about missing important details again. This feature saves you time and ensures that you have accurate and comprehensive meeting summaries at your fingertips.

Connect the Dots:

Loopin’s AI technology goes beyond just transcribing meetings. It connects related meetings together, resurfacing important meetings and related notes serendipitously.

Switching context within seconds and preparing for upcoming meetings has never been easier. With Loopin, you can effortlessly navigate through your meeting history and stay organized.

Chat with Your Meeting:

Forget attending FYI meetings, reading lengthy meeting notes, or watching hours of meeting recordings. Loopin’s conversational-style chat feature allows you to interact with your meetings in real-time.

Need to find specific information or clarify a point from a previous meeting? Just ask Loopin AI, and it will provide you with the answers you need.

This feature keeps you engaged and ensures that you never miss an important detail.

Maintain Meeting Momentum:

Loopin makes it easy to share meeting notes with your team via email, Slack, or Notion automatically. No more wasting time with status update meetings.

Loopin helps drive accountability by ensuring that everyone on your team has access to the meeting notes and action items. This feature streamlines communication and keeps your team on track.

These are just a few of the powerful features that Loopin brings to the table. Whether you’re looking to save time, improve collaboration, or stay organized, Loopin has you covered.

Loopin Pricing Models and Plans:

Unfortunately, the content does not provide information about Loopin’s pricing models and plans. However, you can visit their website or contact their support team to get detailed information on the pricing options available.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I use Loopin with my existing productivity tools?

A: Absolutely! Loopin integrates seamlessly with popular work apps like Gmail, Slack, Zoom, Notion, and Microsoft Office.

You can connect Loopin with your favorite tools to enhance your workflow and productivity.

Q: Is my data safe with Loopin?

A: Your privacy is Loopin’s top priority. They take data privacy extremely seriously and have implemented measures to ensure the security of your data.

Loopin encrypts your data at rest using AES-256 and in transit using TLS 1.2 or greater. You have full control over your data and can revoke access or request to delete your account at any time.

Q: How can Loopin help me save time?

A: Loopin eliminates redundancies and enhances collaboration across remote teams, saving you valuable time. By automating meeting summaries, connecting related meetings, and providing a conversational-style chat interface, Loopin streamlines your meeting experience and allows you to focus on what matters most.


In conclusion, Loopin is a game-changer for customer-facing teams. With its automated meeting summaries, seamless integration with popular productivity tools, and focus on driving great meetings, Loopin takes the hassle out of meetings and helps you work better.

Say goodbye to unproductive meetings and hello to streamlined collaboration with Loopin.


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