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Magical - The Ultimate Time Management AI Tool
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Are you tired of juggling multiple tasks during your meetings? Looking for a way to streamline your workflow and boost productivity?

Look no further than Magical, the revolutionary AI-powered calendar that will transform the way you organize and manage your meetings. With its cutting-edge GPT-4 and Whisper technology from openAI, Magical reinvents the invite by automating note-taking, recommending action items, and acting as your personal meeting assistant.

Say goodbye to the hassle of switching between tabs and taking manual notes. Magical seamlessly integrates with popular platforms like Notion, Slack, Zoom, MS Teams, and G-Meet, making it the Swiss Army Knife for meetings.

Let’s dive into the incredible features that make Magical a game-changer for professionals in every industry.

Features of Magical:

Eliminate note-taking

Magical’s advanced AI algorithms powered by GPT-4 and Whisper take care of your note-taking needs during meetings. You can focus on actively participating in the conversation rather than being distracted by scribbling down every detail.

The AI generates accurate meeting notes, recommends action items, and provides a comprehensive summary, ensuring that no critical information slips through the cracks. Imagine the time and mental energy you’ll save by allowing Magical to handle the tedious task of note-taking for you.

Sync to Notion

Experience the utmost accessibility by seamlessly syncing your meeting notes with Notion, the popular collaboration platform. Magical automatically transfers your notes to Notion, allowing you to effortlessly share them with colleagues and clients.

Collaborative work becomes a breeze as you can easily keep everyone in the loop without the need for manual data entry or file sharing. Magical and Notion create a dynamic duo that maximizes efficiency and productivity in your work routine.

Swiss Army Knife for meetings

Magical goes beyond simply taking notes. It offers a range of features that enhance your meeting experience.

With Time Peek, you’ll never miss a meeting or overlook an essential task again. The AI command line provides quick access to powerful AI commands that unlock new possibilities and extract more value from your meetings.

Scheduling links help you find the perfect meeting times based on your preferences and availability, eliminating the back-and-forth hassle of finding a suitable time slot. Magical also offers a mouseless experience with keyboard shortcuts, allowing you to navigate through your time, notes, and meetings with ease.

Auto-join conferencing ensures that you join your meetings exactly on time, with smart reminders to keep you on track.

Your calendar, everywhere

Magical provides a seamless experience across all your devices. Whether you’re using a desktop, laptop, or mobile device, you can access your calendar without the need to switch tabs or applications.

Stay connected and in control of your schedule from anywhere, making it easier than ever to manage your time efficiently and stay on top of your commitments.

Magical Pricing Models and Plans:

Magical offers three pricing plans tailored to meet the needs of individuals and teams at different levels of productivity and collaboration.

Free ($0): The best way to try Magical, this plan provides 100 total AI credits, industry-leading AI notetaking, AI summary and action items, and 2 scheduling links. It’s perfect for individuals who want to experience the power of Magical without any financial commitment.

Pro ($20/mo): With the Pro plan, you’ll enjoy all the features of the Free plan, plus unlimited AI credits, unlimited transcription in any language, unlimited AI scheduling links, access to the Magical AI Assistant (in beta), and the ability to get access to video recordings. This plan is ideal for professionals who require advanced features and want to supercharge their productivity.

Business (Custom): Designed for highly-effective teams, the Business plan offers all the features of the Pro plan, along with centralized predictable billing, volume discounts, access to exclusive team features, and productivity workshops. If you’re part of a team that values collaboration and efficiency, the Business plan is the perfect fit.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can Magical integrate with other calendar platforms besides Notion?

A: Yes, Magical seamlessly integrates with various platforms such as Slack, Zoom, MS Teams, and G-Meet.

This allows you to streamline your workflow and collaborate efficiently across different tools.

Q: How accurate are the meeting notes generated by Magical?

A: Magical utilizes advanced AI algorithms powered by GPT-4 and Whisper to generate accurate meeting notes. While the system strives for high accuracy, it’s essential to review and verify the generated content to ensure its correctness and completeness.

Q: Can I customize the AI commands in Magical?

A: Currently, Magical offers a predefined set of powerful AI commands. However, customization options may become available in future updates, allowing users to tailor the AI commands to their specific needs.


Magical is a game-changing AI-powered calendar that revolutionizes the way you manage your meetings. With its advanced features like automated note-taking, seamless integration with popular platforms, and a range of productivity-enhancing tools, Magical empowers professionals to optimize their workflow and reclaim valuable time.

Whether you’re an individual looking to boost your productivity or part of a highly-effective team, Magical offers pricing plans that cater to your specific needs. Experience the magic of Magical and take control of your meetings like never before.


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