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Do you want to create SEO content 10X faster? Introducing Minodor, the AI-powered tool that helps you create amazing SEO content in no time.

With Minodor, you can write high-quality articles that are optimized for search engines and rank higher on Google. Say goodbye to hours of research and manual editing – Minodor does it all for you with its advanced AI capabilities.

Whether you’re a blogger, content marketer, or business owner, Minodor is the ultimate tool to boost your content strategy and drive more organic traffic to your website. So, why wait?

Let’s dive into the features of Minodor and see how it can revolutionize your content creation process.

Features of Minodor:

1. AI-Powered Title Generation:

Minodor’s AI-powered title generation feature is a game-changer for content creators. Simply input your keyword, and Minodor will generate compelling titles that are not only optimized for SEO but also capture the attention of your target audience.

With catchy and relevant titles, you can increase click-through rates and improve your content’s visibility in search engine results.

2. Competitor Analysis:

Minodor’s competitor analysis feature allows you to stay one step ahead of your competitors. By analyzing their titles and outlines, you can identify gaps in their content strategy and create articles that outperform theirs.

Uncover the keywords and topics your competitors are targeting, and leverage this knowledge to create more engaging and informative content.

3. Outline Generation:

Creating an outline is a crucial step in content creation, and Minodor simplifies this process with its outline generation feature. Based on your chosen title, Minodor generates a well-structured outline that includes subheadings and key points.

This not only saves you time but also ensures that your article has a logical flow and covers all the essential aspects of your topic.

4. SEO Optimization:

With Minodor’s built-in SEO optimization feature, you can ensure that your article meets all the necessary criteria to rank higher in search engine results. From keyword density to meta tags, Minodor analyzes your content and provides actionable suggestions to improve its SEO score.

By following these recommendations, you can boost your article’s visibility and attract more organic traffic.

These are just a few of the incredible features that Minodor offers. With its AI-driven capabilities, Minodor takes the hassle out of content creation and empowers you to create SEO-optimized articles that stand out from the crowd.

Minodor Pricing Models and Plans:

Minodor offers two pricing plans to suit your needs:

1. Free Forever:

With the Free Forever plan, you can learn to write with AI without any cost. This plan includes one article per month, competitor analysis, SEO optimization, text editing, article generation, and the ability to get images and external links.

It’s a great option for beginners or those who want to explore Minodor’s features before upgrading.

2. Premium:

For those who want all the AI features to quickly rank first on Google, the Premium plan is the way to go. Priced at €19.90 per month, this plan includes 30 articles per month, competitor analysis, SEO optimization, text editing, article generation, images, and external links.

The Premium plan is ideal for professional content creators, digital marketers, and businesses looking to maximize their online presence.

Now that you know about the pricing options, you can choose the plan that best suits your requirements and start creating outstanding SEO content with Minodor.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I cancel my Premium plan anytime?

A: Absolutely! With Minodor’s Premium plan, you have the flexibility to cancel anytime without any hassle.

We believe in providing our users with complete freedom and control over their subscription.

Q: How does Minodor generate article content?

A: Minodor generates article content based on the outline you create. It utilizes AI algorithms to analyze the outline, research relevant information, and generate a comprehensive article that meets your requirements.

You can further modify and improve the generated article to suit your needs.

Q: Is the Free Forever plan limited in terms of functionality?

A: While the Free Forever plan offers a limited number of articles per month, it provides access to all the essential features of Minodor.

You can still benefit from competitor analysis, SEO optimization, text editing, article generation, and more. It’s a great way to get started with AI-powered content creation at no cost.


Minodor is a revolutionary AI tool that empowers content creators to generate outstanding SEO content effortlessly. With its AI-powered title generation, competitor analysis, outline generation, and SEO optimization features, Minodor streamlines the content creation process and helps you create articles that rank higher on search engines.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional, Minodor is the ultimate tool to enhance your content strategy and attract more organic traffic. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to leverage the power of AI with Minodor – try it today!


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