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"An illustration showcasing the benefits of OneSoil's AI-powered precision agriculture tool."
"OneSoil: AI-Powered Agricultural Efficiency"

Are you looking for a revolutionary tool that can help you optimize your farming practices and increase your crop yields? Look no further than OneSoil Yield, a cutting-edge digital agriculture platform developed by IMK.

This powerful platform combines satellite monitoring, mobile scouting, and web applications to provide farmers with precise agriculture solutions.

With OneSoil Yield, you can remotely monitor your crop growth and make informed decisions to enhance plant development. Analyze vegetation graphs and receive accurate weather forecasts to stay ahead of changing conditions.

But that’s not all – OneSoil also offers NDVI maps, allowing you to identify specific areas that require attention, such as fertilization or pesticide application.

Farmers from around the world, including Brazil, Turkey, Argentina, Russia, and Germany, have praised OneSoil for its effectiveness in optimizing farming practices. By utilizing this platform, IMK was able to save an impressive 200 tons of fertilizer, contributing to a more sustainable and efficient agricultural industry.

Features of OneSoil:

Satellite Monitoring

OneSoil Yield harnesses the power of satellite technology to provide real-time monitoring of your crops. By receiving accurate and up-to-date information about your fields, you can make data-driven decisions to maximize your yields.

Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to precision farming.

Mobile Scouting

With the OneSoil mobile app, you can scout your fields on the go. Take advantage of your smartphone’s capabilities to capture and analyze images of your crops.

Identify potential issues, such as pest infestations or nutrient deficiencies, and take immediate action to rectify them. This feature saves you time and resources while ensuring the health of your plants.

Web Applications

Access the power of OneSoil Yield from the convenience of your computer with the web applications. Analyze vegetation graphs, monitor plant development, and receive weather forecasts all in one place.

This comprehensive tool empowers you to make informed decisions and optimize your farming practices effortlessly.


OneSoil’s NDVI maps are a game-changer for precision agriculture. By analyzing the normalized difference vegetation index, you can identify areas of your fields that require targeted attention.

Whether it’s adjusting fertilization or applying pesticides, the NDVI maps provide valuable insights that enhance your productivity and reduce waste.

OneSoil Pricing Models and Plans

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I access OneSoil Yield on my mobile device?

A: Absolutely! OneSoil provides a user-friendly mobile app that allows you to scout your fields, capture images, and access all the essential features from the convenience of your smartphone.

Stay connected to your farm no matter where you are.

Q: Is OneSoil suitable for small-scale farmers?

A: OneSoil is designed to benefit farmers of all sizes. Whether you have a large commercial farm or a small family-run operation, this platform offers the tools and insights you need to optimize your farming practices and increase your yields.

It’s a versatile solution for every farmer.

Q: How accurate are the weather forecasts provided by OneSoil?

A: OneSoil leverages advanced weather data and predictive models to provide accurate and reliable forecasts. However, it’s important to note that weather conditions can be unpredictable, and while OneSoil strives to provide the most precise forecasts possible, it’s always a good idea to stay vigilant and monitor local conditions as well.


OneSoil Yield is a game-changer for the agricultural industry. By harnessing the power of satellite monitoring, mobile scouting, and web applications, this platform empowers farmers to make data-driven decisions and optimize their farming practices.

With features like NDVI maps and accurate weather forecasts, OneSoil helps farmers save time, money, and resources while increasing productivity. Join the global community of farmers who have already embraced OneSoil and experience the transformative power of digital agriculture.


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