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A person using Readable Technologies' eye tracking evaluation to assess ADHD risk.
Readable Technologies - Rapid ADHD Risk Assessment

Are you wondering if you have ADHD? Waiting for weeks to get an appointment with a professional can be frustrating and time-consuming.

But what if there was a way to find out in just 90 seconds? Introducing Readable Technologies, an innovative solution that offers an objective and empirical evaluation to detect the distinct eye movement pattern found in persons with ADHD.

With over 80% accuracy, this rapid and objective evaluation can provide valuable insights and aid in your journey to identify if you have ADHD and get the support you need.

So, how does it work? You simply read text passages out loud while facing your webcam.

In just 90 seconds, the proprietary eye tracking technology and algorithm will produce a comprehensive reading assessment report that you can share with your medical team. While only a professional can provide a formal diagnosis and medical support, this evaluation serves as a helpful tool to facilitate the diagnosis process.

Features of Readable Technologies:

Objective Biomarkers:

Readable Technologies utilizes objective biomarkers to evaluate ADHD. By analyzing the distinct eye movement pattern associated with ADHD, this tool provides an empirical assessment that can aid in the identification of the condition.

This feature ensures a reliable and accurate evaluation, helping individuals gain a better understanding of their potential ADHD risk.

80% Accuracy:

With an impressive accuracy rate of over 80%, Readable Technologies offers a reliable evaluation for ADHD. By comparing the eye movement patterns of individuals with ADHD to neurotypical readers, this tool can provide valuable insights into the likelihood of having ADHD.

This high level of accuracy ensures that users can trust the results and make informed decisions regarding their healthcare.

In-Home Convenience:

One of the standout features of Readable Technologies is its convenience. Rather than waiting for lengthy appointments or visiting clinics, you can take the evaluation from the comfort of your own home.

By simply using your webcam and reading out loud, you can complete the assessment in just 90 seconds. This in-home convenience saves time and makes the evaluation process more accessible to individuals seeking answers about their ADHD risk.

Comprehensive Report:

Readable Technologies provides users with a personalized visual report that highlights their eye patterns from the four text passages read during the evaluation. Each pattern is compared to examples of neurotypical readers, allowing users to easily identify if they are at risk for ADHD.

This comprehensive report serves as a valuable resource to share with medical professionals, aiding in the diagnosis process and facilitating further support.

Readable Technologies Pricing Models and Plans:

Unfortunately, the provided content does not include any information about pricing models or plans for Readable Technologies. However, we can assume that this innovative tool aims to provide affordable and accessible ADHD evaluations to individuals seeking answers.

It is always recommended to visit the official Readable Technologies website for the most up-to-date pricing information and available plans.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How fast should I read during the evaluation?

A: The evaluation does not measure your reading speed.

It is important to take your time and read the text passages out loud at a normal pace. Rushing through the evaluation may affect the accuracy of the results.

Q: What happens to my data?

A: Your data is processed locally on your computer before being sent to the Readable Technologies database. No personally identifiable information is sent during the evaluation, ensuring the privacy and security of your data.

Q: Is the report provided a diagnosis?

A: No, the report and evaluation provided by Readable Technologies are for educational purposes only. Only a medical professional can provide a formal diagnosis of ADHD.

However, the report serves as a useful document to share with your medical team, aiding in the diagnosis process.

Q: How accurate is the report?

A: The logistic regression classifier used by Readable Technologies predicts ADHD with an accuracy rate of 82%.

The 90-second duration of the evaluation is considerably shorter than other ADHD screenings, making it a promising and cost-effective approach to assess ADHD risk.

Q: What happens after the evaluation?

A: After completing the evaluation, you will receive a personalized visual report of your eye patterns from the four text passages read during the assessment.

The report includes a comparison with examples of neurotypical readers, helping you identify if you are at risk for ADHD. This valuable information can be shared with your medical team to aid in further evaluation and support.


Readable Technologies offers a groundbreaking solution for individuals seeking answers about their potential ADHD risk. With its objective biomarkers, high accuracy, in-home convenience, and comprehensive reports, this tool provides an innovative and accessible approach to ADHD evaluation.

While not a substitute for professional diagnosis and support, Readable Technologies empowers individuals to take the first step in their journey towards understanding their ADHD risk. Take the 90-second evaluation today and gain valuable insights into your potential ADHD risk.


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