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Scribe AI writing assistant with step-by-step guide feature
Scribe - The Ultimate AI Writing Assistant

Are you tired of spending hours creating step-by-step guides for different processes? Look no further – Scribe is here to revolutionize the way you capture and share processes!

With Scribe, you can automatically generate detailed guides for any process, saving you time and effort. Trusted by hundreds of thousands of outstanding teams, Scribe is the ultimate tool for creating beautiful process documents – fast.

How do you plan to use Scribe? Whether it’s streamlining your new hire onboarding process or creating customer trainings, Scribe has got you covered.

Say goodbye to tedious manual documentation and hello to effortless process explanation. And the best part?

Scribe is completely free!

Imagine the time savings you’ll experience. Josie K. from Yieldify says, “I’m so happy I have Scribe now!

I used to spend five hours per week updating our company’s new hire onboarding docs – now it takes me five minutes.” Nick P. from WithMe Health adds, “Ready to create documentation faster and easier than ever?

Get Scribe for Free!”.

So, how does Scribe work? It’s simple!

Just turn on the Scribe recorder and walk through any browser or web-based process as you normally would. Scribe will capture every step and automatically generate a comprehensive guide.

It’s like having a personal documentation assistant by your side.

With Scribe, explaining processes has never been easier. You can easily share the generated guides by sending the URL to your teammates or clients.

You can also embed them in existing tools and wikis for easy access. And if you prefer a physical copy, you can export the guides as PDFs and share them with anyone, anywhere.

Users have praised Scribe for its simplicity and effectiveness. “Scribe has been a game changer by making it simple to create visual and informative materials,” says a satisfied user.

Features of Scribe:

Automatic Step-by-Step Guide Generation:

Scribe’s standout feature is its ability to automatically generate detailed step-by-step guides for any process. Simply record the process, and Scribe will do the rest.

This feature saves you countless hours of manual documentation, allowing you to focus on more important tasks. Say goodbye to tedious guide creation and hello to effortless documentation.

Easy Process Explanation:

With Scribe, explaining processes has never been easier. The generated guides are clear, concise, and visually appealing.

Whether you’re onboarding new hires or training customers, Scribe provides an intuitive platform to explain complex processes in a user-friendly manner. Impress your team and clients with professional-looking process documents.

Seamless Sharing and Collaboration:

Scribe makes sharing and collaborating on process documents a breeze. You can easily share the generated guides by sending the URL to your teammates or clients.

The guides can also be embedded in existing tools and wikis, ensuring easy access for everyone. Say goodbye to scattered documentation and hello to centralized knowledge sharing.

Export and Print Options:

If you prefer a physical copy of your process guides, Scribe has got you covered. You can export the guides as PDFs and share them with anyone, anywhere.

This feature is particularly useful for offline access or when physical copies are required. Enjoy the flexibility of digital and print documentation.

Scribe Pricing Models and Plans:

Unfortunately, the provided content does not mention any pricing information for Scribe. However, based on its impressive features and capabilities, we can expect Scribe to offer flexible pricing plans to cater to different user needs.

Whether you’re an individual user or part of a large team, Scribe is likely to have a plan that suits your requirements. Stay tuned for updates on Scribe’s pricing models and plans.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I use Scribe for both personal and work-related tasks?

A: Absolutely! Scribe is designed to be versatile and can be used for both personal and work purposes.

Whether you want to streamline your personal processes or enhance your team’s productivity, Scribe is the perfect tool for capturing and sharing processes.

Q: Is Scribe compatible with all browsers and web-based processes?

A: Yes, Scribe is compatible with all major browsers and can be used to capture and document any web-based process.

Whether you’re using Chrome, Firefox, or Safari, you can rely on Scribe to accurately record your steps and generate comprehensive guides.

Q: Can I customize the appearance of the generated guides?

A: While the provided content does not mention customization options, it’s highly likely that Scribe offers some degree of customization for the appearance of the generated guides.

Stay tuned for updates on Scribe’s customization features.


Scribe is a game-changing tool that simplifies the process of capturing and sharing processes. With its automatic step-by-step guide generation, easy process explanation, seamless sharing and collaboration, and export/print options, Scribe empowers users to create professional-looking process documents in a fraction of the time.

Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or part of a large team, Scribe is the ultimate companion for effortless documentation. Try Scribe today and experience the future of process capture and sharing.


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