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Supernormal: AI-Powered Note-Taking for Teams
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Are you tired of spending valuable time taking meeting notes? Do you find it difficult to stay engaged during meetings and retain important information?

Look no further – Supernormal is here to revolutionize the way you take meeting notes. With Supernormal, you can create amazing meeting notes without lifting a finger, saving you time and helping you unlock your best work.

Supernormal is trusted by 50,000 people at companies including marketing agencies, sales teams, product management departments, and HR professionals. It works seamlessly with popular platforms like Hubspot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, and Workable, allowing you to send notes directly to your CRM and ATS.

Plus, with calendar integration, Supernormal can automatically join calls for a seamless experience.

One of the standout features of Supernormal is its ability to record audio and video for your meetings. With just the click of a button, you can easily capture the audio and video of your meetings, ensuring that you never miss any important details.

And if language barriers are a concern, Supernormal has you covered – it allows you to create notes in multiple languages, including English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Japanese, Russian, Korean, Thai, Turkish, Polish, Romanian, Indonesian, and Vietnamese.

But perhaps the most significant benefit of using Supernormal is that it normalizes remote work and removes the fear of missing out (FOMO) on important meetings. Within a day of using Supernormal, users have reported that everyone in their team was sharing their notes, leading to increased collaboration and productivity.

Supernormal truly transforms the way you approach meetings and adds immense value to your work.

Features of Supernormal:

Automated Meeting Notes

Supernormal eliminates the need for manual note-taking by automatically generating meeting notes for you. This feature saves you up to 10 minutes per meeting, allowing you to focus on the conversation and engage fully without the distraction of multitasking.

Say goodbye to the tedious task of transcribing meeting discussions and let Supernormal handle it for you.

CRM and ATS Integrations

Supernormal seamlessly integrates with popular CRM and ATS platforms like Hubspot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, and Workable. This integration allows you to send meeting notes directly to your CRM and ATS, helping you close the loop and ensure that no important information gets lost.

With Supernormal, you can effortlessly keep track of all your interactions and maintain a centralized repository of meeting notes.

Calendar Integration

With calendar integration, Supernormal can automatically join your calls, making it even easier to capture meeting notes. You no longer have to worry about dialing into calls or searching for meeting links – Supernormal takes care of it all.

This feature ensures a seamless and hassle-free experience, allowing you to focus on the meeting itself rather than the logistics.

Audio and Video Recording

Supernormal’s bot, Norm, can record the audio and video of your meetings, providing you with a comprehensive record of your discussions. This feature is particularly useful for reviewing important details or sharing meeting recordings with team members who couldn’t attend.

With Supernormal, you can capture every moment of your meetings, ensuring that nothing gets missed.

Supernormal Pricing Models and Plans:

Unfortunately, no pricing information was provided in the content. Please refer to the Supernormal website for details on their pricing plans.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I use Supernormal with any video conferencing platform?

Yes, Supernormal seamlessly integrates with popular video conferencing platforms like Google Meet, Zoom, and Teams. Whether you’re using one of these platforms or any other video conferencing tool, Supernormal can transcribe and record your meetings with ease.

Is my data secure on Supernormal?

Absolutely. Supernormal takes data security seriously and ensures that your meetings and notes are stored securely on their platform.

You can trust that your sensitive information is protected and accessible only to you and your authorized team members.

Can I invite others to view my meeting notes on Supernormal?

Yes, you can easily share your meeting notes with others on Supernormal. Whether you want to send the notes to your team members, clients, or stakeholders, Supernormal provides easy sharing options, allowing you to collaborate and communicate effectively.


Supernormal is a game-changer when it comes to taking meeting notes. With its automated note-taking, integrations with popular platforms, and audio/video recording capabilities, Supernormal simplifies and enhances the way you capture and retain important information from meetings.

Say goodbye to manual note-taking and hello to more productive and engaging meetings with Supernormal.


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