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A computer screen displays the TicketGenius application, showing the user interface and a Jira ticket being generated through AI technology.
TicketGenius - AI-Powered Jira Ticketing Automation
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Are you tired of spending hours creating Jira tickets for your projects? Introducing TicketGenius by TaskTuna, the AI-powered Jira ticket generator that streamlines your workflow and saves you valuable time.

With its powerful features and intuitive interface, TicketGenius revolutionizes the way you create and manage tickets in Jira. Whether you’re a project manager, developer, or team lead, TicketGenius is designed to simplify ticket creation and enhance collaboration.

Let’s dive into the exciting features of TicketGenius and discover how it can benefit your Jira projects.

Features of TicketGenius:

AI-Crafted Tickets from the Project Page

TicketGenius leverages the power of artificial intelligence to generate impeccably formatted user stories based on brief descriptions. With just a few clicks, you can add a description for your task and let TicketGenius create a perfectly formatted ticket for you.

Say goodbye to manual ticket creation and hello to streamlined efficiency!

Tickets with Extras

With TicketGenius, you get a ticket feast! It automatically creates subtasks for your brand new story, saving you the hassle of creating them manually.

This feature allows you to break down your user stories into manageable chunks, improving collaboration and ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.

A Smart Issue Panel

Splitting your user stories into smaller tickets has never been easier with TicketGenius. Its smart issue panel allows you to divide your user story into smaller, more manageable tickets.

Alternatively, you can let TicketGenius find and link your user story to the appropriate epic, ensuring seamless integration and improved project organization.

More AI-Powered Features Coming Soon!

TicketGenius is constantly evolving to meet the needs of its users. The development team is actively working on more AI-powered features that will take your ticket creation process to the next level.

Stay tuned for exciting updates and enhancements that will make great stories a reality.

Now that we’ve explored the key features of TicketGenius, let’s take a look at its pricing models and plans.

TicketGenius Pricing Models and Plans

Unfortunately, the content does not provide information about the pricing models and plans for TicketGenius. However, it’s important to note that pricing details are crucial when considering a tool for your project.

We recommend visiting the official TicketGenius website or contacting their sales team for accurate and up-to-date pricing information.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can TicketGenius integrate with other project management tools?

A: TicketGenius is specifically designed for Jira projects and integrates seamlessly with the Atlassian product suite.

It allows you to view issue properties, read project and issue data, search for issues, and perform various actions such as creating and editing issues, posting comments, and more.

Q: Is TicketGenius compatible with Jira Cloud?

A: Yes, TicketGenius is compatible with Jira Cloud.

It provides a user-friendly interface that enhances your ticket creation experience and streamlines your workflow within the Jira Cloud environment.

Q: Is my data secure when using TicketGenius?

A: TicketGenius takes privacy and security seriously.

While Atlassian’s privacy policy may not be applicable to the use of this app, TicketGenius has introduced a new Privacy and Security tab that provides detailed information on their privacy practices, data handling, and compliance. It’s recommended to review their partner privacy policy for complete transparency.


TicketGenius by TaskTuna is a game-changer for Jira projects. With its AI-powered ticket generation capabilities, it simplifies the process of creating user stories and enhances collaboration within teams.

Its intuitive interface and powerful features make it a valuable tool for any project manager, developer, or team lead. While pricing details were not provided in the content, we encourage you to explore TicketGenius further and discover how it can revolutionize your ticket creation process.


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