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An image of a person using their smartphone to experience Vossle's augmented reality features, including virtual try-on and AR games.
Vossle: Create Web-Based AR Experiences Without Coding
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Vossle is a cloud-based SaaS platform designed for businesses and agencies to create web-based augmented reality experiences. It is an innovative solution that enables users to create App-less Augmented Reality (WebAR) experiences that work on every modern smartphone browser without the need for app installs. Vossle is an easy-to-use platform that does not require any coding, making it accessible to everyone.

Purpose of the Blog Post:

This blog post aims to provide readers with an in-depth understanding of Vossle, its features, pricing models, and frequently asked questions. By the end of the blog post, readers should have a clear idea of what Vossle is, how it works, and the benefits it offers.

Features of Vossle:

  • Virtual Try-On:

    Vossle’s virtual try-on feature allows users to experience a realistic and true view of their desired product straight from their smartphone. This feature enables users to find the perfect design that they would value and treasure.

  • AR Games:

    Vossle’s AR games feature allows users to play AR games directly on their smartphone browser. This feature immerses users into the game with intuitive controls, providing an enjoyable gaming experience.

  • Markerless AR:

    Vossle’s markerless AR feature creates immersive experiences that encourage people to try out your products virtually and inspire them to interact with your brand.

  • Face Filters:

    Vossle’s face filters feature is an easy way to turn a mundane selfie into something entertaining and fun. It allows users to express their business and connect with the people they care about most- their customers.

Vossle Pricing Models and Plans:

Vossle offers four pricing models that cater to different needs and budgets. These include:

  • Free Plan:

    This plan is ideal for individuals or small businesses that want to test Vossle’s capabilities. It offers limited features and storage.

  • Basic Plan:

    This plan is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses that require more features and storage.

  • Pro Plan:

    This plan is ideal for medium to large-sized businesses that require advanced features, storage, and support.

  • Enterprise Plan:

    This plan is ideal for large enterprises that require custom solutions and support.

Each pricing plan offers different benefits and advantages. For example, the Enterprise Plan offers custom solutions and support, while the Free Plan offers limited features and storage.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How easy is it to use Vossle?

    Vossle is a user-friendly platform that does not require any coding. Users can easily create AR experiences in minutes with simple, easy, and intuitive UI.

  • Can I use Vossle on any device?

    Yes, Vossle works on every modern smartphone browser as it is a cloud-based SaaS platform.

  • How secure is Vossle?

    Vossle takes privacy and security seriously. It uses industry-standard security protocols and processes to protect user data and privacy.

  • Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

    Yes, users can cancel their subscription at any time without any hassle.


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