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"Generative Wisdom: Unleash the Power of AI for Unparalleled Insights"

Are you looking for an AI-powered chatbot that can unlock your digital course content with wisdom? Look no further than WisdomAI.

This innovative tool, powered by GPT-4, is designed to provide conversational chat for your digital course, membership site, coaching program, team meetings, and more. With its ability to learn your content and provide comprehensive answers, WisdomAI can dramatically improve your efficiency and increase audience engagement.

Let’s dive into the features and benefits of this powerful tool.

Features of WisdomAI:

1. Content Unlocking:

WisdomAI has the unique ability to unlock your content like never before. By training on your website, text files, audio, and video content, it can extract the most important information and distill it into fully referenced responses.

This means that your audience can ask questions and get comprehensive answers that are tailored to your specific content. No more searching through endless resources – WisdomAI has it all at its fingertips.

2. Customer Support Made Easy:

With WisdomAI, providing customer support has never been easier or more affordable. By learning your content and understanding your audience’s questions, WisdomAI acts as a 24/7 customer service representative.

Gone are the days of needing a large and expensive support team – WisdomAI can handle it all. Your customers will be impressed with the speed and accuracy of their answers, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty.

3. Instant Access to Content Library:

Whether you’re running a digital course, membership site, or coaching program, WisdomAI is the perfect tool for delivering instant answers to your audience. With its seamless integration with your content library, WisdomAI can provide real-time responses that help your audience make progress faster.

Say goodbye to delayed responses and hello to increased engagement and satisfaction.

4. Compatible with Any Platform:

One of the standout features of WisdomAI is its compatibility with any platform. Whether you’re using YouTube, Facebook, a podcast, or your own website, WisdomAI can learn from your audio, video, text documents, and more.

This flexibility ensures that no matter where your content is hosted, WisdomAI can provide the insights and answers your audience needs.

These are just a few of the incredible features that WisdomAI brings to the table. With its ability to unlock your content, provide exceptional customer support, deliver instant access to your library, and work seamlessly on any platform, WisdomAI is a game-changer for content creators and educators.

WisdomAI Pricing Models and Plans:

Unfortunately, the provided content does not include information about pricing models and plans for WisdomAI. However, based on the features and benefits mentioned, it’s safe to assume that WisdomAI offers different pricing tiers to cater to the needs of different users.

Whether you’re a small business owner, a content creator, or a large organization, there is likely a pricing plan that suits your needs and budget. For more information on pricing, it’s recommended to visit the official WisdomAI website or reach out to their support team.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How does WisdomAI work?

WisdomAI is a subscription-based AI-powered conversational chatbot for your content. It works by being trained on your website, text files, and audio and video content.

WisdomAI leverages your data and information to provide comprehensive answers to questions and inquiries from your audience. The result is a chatbot that knows your content inside and out and can provide tailored responses to your audience’s queries.

2. How can I use WisdomAI?

WisdomAI can be used in a variety of ways. You can create a custom WisdomAI plugin for your website, digital course, membership site, YouTube channel, podcast, or use it internally for your team.

It’s a versatile tool that can dramatically improve customer support, increase audience engagement, and help your audience make more progress with your content.

3. How do I get started with WisdomAI?

To get started with WisdomAI, you can sign up for the WisdomAI plan, which is available for $49 per month. After a short setup process, you can share or embed the WisdomAI plugin anywhere you want.

It’s a straightforward process that allows you to start leveraging the power of AI to enhance your content and engage your audience.


WisdomAI is a groundbreaking AI-powered chatbot that can unlock your digital course content, provide exceptional customer support, and increase audience engagement. With its ability to learn your content, provide comprehensive answers, and work seamlessly on any platform, WisdomAI is a must-have tool for content creators and educators.

Get started with WisdomAI today and take your content to new heights.


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