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"Scientist using wisio.app AI technology for scientific writing"
"wisio.app: Empowering Scientific Writing with AI"

Are you a scientist struggling with the daunting task of writing scientific papers? Look no further!

Introducing wisio.app, the revolutionary AI-powered writing assistant designed specifically for scientists. With wisio.app, you can say goodbye to hours of frustration and hello to a streamlined, efficient writing process.

This cutting-edge platform offers a range of features that will transform the way you write, from personalized suggestions and translation capabilities to instant access to the latest research findings. Say goodbye to language barriers and hello to scientifically precise English.

Get ready to experience the future of scientific writing today with wisio.app!

Features of wisio.app:

Create scientific papers

With wisio.app, you can effortlessly create scientific papers that are well-structured and comprehensive. The platform provides you with AI-powered suggestions to enhance your writing, ensuring that your papers are of the highest quality.

Say goodbye to tedious revisions and hello to a polished final product.

Get personalized suggestions for your text

Writing can be a lonely and challenging process, but with wisio.app, you’ll never feel alone. The platform offers personalized suggestions based on your input, helping you improve your writing style and make your arguments more compelling.

Let the AI-powered assistant guide you towards excellence.

Translate from any language to scientific English

Language barriers should never hinder scientific progress. With wisio.app, you can translate your text from any language to scientifically precise English.

This feature ensures that your research can reach a global audience and facilitates collaboration with scientists from around the world. Break down the language barriers and unlock new opportunities for scientific discovery.

Instantly search and reference the latest findings

Keeping up with the latest research findings can be overwhelming, but wisio.app makes it effortless. The platform allows you to instantly search and reference the most up-to-date research papers, ensuring that your work is backed by the latest scientific knowledge.

Stay at the forefront of your field and make impactful contributions to the scientific community.

wisio.app Pricing Models and Plans:

Wisio.app offers a range of pricing plans to suit different needs:

Starter (Free): This plan is perfect for those who want to test the waters. It includes limited access to the platform, with restrictions on the number of projects, suggestions, translations, reference lists, and grammar corrections.

It’s a great way to get started and see if wisio.app is the right fit for you.

Yearly ($9/month): The yearly plan offers unlimited access to all features and is the best value for money.

With this plan, you can enjoy unlimited projects, suggestions, translations, reference lists, grammar corrections, and a larger prompt size. It’s perfect for scientists who are serious about optimizing their writing process.

Monthly ($16/month): If you prefer a monthly subscription, this plan offers the same benefits as the yearly plan but at a slightly higher cost. It’s a flexible option for those who want to pay on a month-to-month basis.

Teams ($12/member/month): Designed for scientific labs and teams, this plan offers unlimited access to all features for each team member. It promotes collaboration and ensures that everyone in the team can benefit from the power of wisio.app.

It’s the ideal choice for research groups looking to enhance their scientific writing process.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is wisio.app suitable for researchers in all scientific disciplines?

A: Absolutely! Wisio.app is designed to assist scientists and researchers across all scientific disciplines. Whether you’re in biology, chemistry, physics, or any other field, wisio.app can help you improve your scientific writing and streamline your research process.

Q: Can I trust the AI-powered suggestions provided by wisio.app?

A: Yes, you can trust the AI-powered suggestions provided by wisio.app.

The platform leverages cutting-edge AI technology to analyze your text and offer scientifically sound suggestions. However, it’s important to remember that the final decision and responsibility for the content of your scientific papers lie with you as the author.

Q: Can I use wisio.app for academic purposes?

A: Absolutely! Wisio.app is an excellent tool for academic purposes. Whether you’re a student working on a research project or a professor writing a scholarly article, wisio.app can help you enhance your writing and produce high-quality academic work.


Writing scientific papers can be a challenging and time-consuming task, but with wisio.app, the process becomes more efficient and enjoyable. This AI-powered writing assistant offers a range of features that will transform the way you write, from personalized suggestions to language translation capabilities.

With wisio.app, you can overcome language barriers, access the latest research, and produce scientifically precise English. Say goodbye to the frustrations of scientific writing and embrace the future of scientific communication with wisio.app.


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