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Zeg AI - Revolutionize Your Product Photography
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Are you tired of the hassle of sending your product to a studio just to get high-quality photos or videos? Well, say goodbye to that inconvenience because ZEG StuDio is here to revolutionize the way you capture stunning visuals of your products!

With ZEG StuDio, you can get the product photos and videos you want without ever stepping foot in a studio. Imagine the time and money you’ll save!

So, how does ZEG StuDio work? It’s simple!

All you need to do is upload an image of your product, and ZEG StuDio will generate a 3D version of it within 48 hours. Once you have the 3D model, you can choose from a variety of templates and scenes to place your product in.

You can even customize the final image by adding your company logo or text. It’s like having your own virtual photographer right at your fingertips!

Now, let’s dive deeper into the features of ZEG StuDio and explore the benefits it brings to your business.

Features of ZEG AI:

Your Virtual Photographer:

With ZEG StuDio, you no longer need a physical studio to capture stunning imagery of your products. You can build and customize your visuals right from your desktop, reducing your carbon footprint and saving you time and money.

Plus, you can test new ideas without the need for physical prototypes. It’s a win-win situation!

Stunning 3D Photos for All Platforms:

ZEG StuDio allows you to create high-quality 3D photos that are perfect for all platforms. Whether you need images for your website, social media accounts, or other marketing materials, ZEG StuDio has got you covered.

You can create, store, and share all your visuals from one convenient web-based platform.

Models, Props & Scenes:

With ZEG StuDio, you have access to a wide range of models, props, and scenes to enhance your product visuals. Whether you need a hand model, a female body model, or lifestyle imagery, ZEG StuDio has everything you need to bring your products to life.

Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional studios!

Web-Based and User-Friendly:

ZEG StuDio is a browser-based application, making it accessible to anyone with a Chrome browser. You don’t need to download any software or learn complex 3D modeling techniques.

ZEG StuDio has simplified the process of creating stunning visuals, making it easy for small businesses, large companies, teachers, and individuals to use and benefit from.

Now that you know about the amazing features of ZEG StuDio, let’s talk about the pricing models and plans.


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